Uncover Hidden Problems in Your Dream Home Before You Buy!

“You can’t judge a book by its cover,” is very true when buying a home. Remember, you’re not just buying the gorgeous master suite and the massive stone fire place; you are also buying the cracked foundation and the leaking pipes!

Now, not all homes have major problems with the foundation or pipes, but wouldn’t it be nice to know if the house you’re in love with has any major issues? A home inspector can take an in-depth look at the property and inform you of any concerns they find. Or, it can give you peace of mind by not finding any hidden problems in your new home.

Buying a home is a lengthy process, and most likely one of the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make. Even if you score a great deal on the cost of your home, home ownership can be expensive! It can be tempting to waive the home inspection to save costs, especially if the house looks immaculate. But having a home inspection can potentially save you thousands of dollars!

A home inspection can actually provide you with an out. If you’re not comfortable with the inspector’s finding, you can walk away from the deal! Most home inspectors can let you know how many critical systems are nearing their ‘shelf-life’ expiration date. If there are many items nearing the end of their expected life, are you willing to take on all those extra costs to repair or replace them in a few months or within the first few years?

If you’re not ready to back away from the house, the findings in a home inspection report can give you ammunition to re-negotiate the terms of the contract. As the buyer, you can ask the seller to repair certain problems found in the home inspection; or you can ask the seller to lower the selling price of the home to cover the expense of the repairs you will need to make after purchasing the home.

Having a detailed home inspection can also help the home buyer budget any future maintenance costs. While there will always be unexpected expenses or repairs to be done when you’re a homeowner, the inspection report can at least give you some clues as to what to expect.

Buying a property without having a home inspection is almost like driving your car blindfolded! You’re still moving forward, but you have no idea where you will end up.

Can you say with absolute certainty after looking at a house that it is safe? That the electrical is up to code? That the wiring for the patio lighting was done correctly? That there aren’t issues with the furnace? Is there excessive mold in the crawl space? Are you willing to jeopardize the safety and health of yourself and your loved ones? A home inspection will uncover most safety concerns and will more than likely come up with suggestions on how to tackle the potential problems.

Even though a home inspector doesn’t guarantee that they will find every hidden problem in the home, an inspection is almost always a good idea when buying a home. Home inspectors can only find problems that are visible. They don’t tear into walls or dig up around foundations; however their in-depth look at the property will find most major issues.

Home inspection reports are very detailed and backed up with lots of photographic evidence of the items discussed in the report. They can provide home buyers with a road map on how to proceed with their home purchase. Go through the report carefully and discuss the findings with your real estate agent who can help guide you to take the correct road towards home ownership.

By Bonnie Marlow, Realtor, Cisco Realty


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